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The concept

Great people, great careers and the ability to look past what's "good enough" and focus on making everything "better than it has to be" - that is the spirit behind the Anambra Hall of Fame Awards.

Known as the State's most prestigious honor, the Anambra Hall of Fame annually recognizes those outstanding individuals who, through their exceptional work and achievements, have made a significant contribution to different works of life and a profound difference in the communities they serve, both locally and internationally.

Induction into the Anambra Hall of Fame is considered the highest of State honors. Selected through a nomination process from the general public and vetted by special member evaluation committee of knowledgeable professionals across academic and civil society sector set up by the Government of Anambra State.


Amanbra Hall Of Fame Awards 2018.

  • Increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the efforts of outstanding personalities that has made a positive impact in the society both past and present.
  • To recognize the achievements of some individuals in various works of Life ranging from Industry, Education, Business, Philanthropic and Charity sector in the society.
  • To promote public interest in Philanthropies thereby building a strong charitable sector of the society and increasing the philanthropic spirit among individuals.

The benefits of the Project include:

  • Hastening more Development in the Communities.
  • The Project will bring more investment opportunities to Anambra State.
  • • Anambra Hall of Fame Awards 2018 is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal objectives towards ending hunger/poverty by the year 2030.


Amanbra Hall Of Fame Awards 2018 nomination process.

The Project will call for Nominations of these individuals from the general public and will be vetted by special member evaluation committee of knowledgeable professionals across academic and civil society sector. They are to examine the nominations and will select a candidate each community based on merit. While making the shortlist, the committee will agree on a set of criteria for the Awards.

At the end of the evaluation/screening there will be a press conference that will announce the emerged winners/nominees and also a special publication in the National Dailies.

Contact information

How to reach the Anambra Hall Of Fame Awards team.

Our address and office is located at:

Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Creative Economy, Government Huose, Awka, Anambra State.



Phone 1: 09038384900

Phone 2: 08161188019

Email: info@anambrahalloffameawards.org

Website: www.anambrahalloffameawards.org

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Areas of interest

For one to be nominated, the individual/organization must have contributed in the following areas:

Community Development
  • Charity begins at home.
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Youth/Women Empowerment
  • He who invests in Youth & women invests in both the Present and Future
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Povert Alleviation
  • He who creates a business creates employment and fights poverty
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Peace Building
  • There cannot be development, progress, growth e.t.c. without peace. Peace is the foundation for real development.
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  • He who invest in education invest in the future
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Anambra Hall Of Fame Awards!

Reward for Passion!

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Anambra Hall Of Fame Awards 2018 - Reward for Passion