There are 4 packages you can receive help in. You are advised to select the package/s that is convenient for you. You cannot get help unless you have provided help to someone else. You can provide help in just 1 of the packages or all of the packages if you desire. Each of the packages runs independent of the other thereby providing streams of income at the same time.

Once you opt in for any of the package, the system will automatically assign to you who you provide help to. You will have 48hrs to pay into the Bit Coin account of the receiver. Please note that it's a crime in this platform to opt into any of the package and not pay the person you will be assigned to pay. Your account is automatically terminated if you fail to pay the person assigned to you.

Once your payment is confirmed by the receiver, the package becomes active for you and in about 14 days, you will have 2 persons assigned to pay directly into your Bit Coin account in that same package.

When you receive payment from any of the 2 persons assigned to provide help to you, you are supposed to confirm each of them within 24hrs after receiving their payment. Failure to do so will result to your account being suspended if the payer files a case against you.

If you wish to opt in for any of the package, you must first log into your dashboard and from there click on "I Want To Give". Select the package/s you want to invest in and submit.

To view who you are assigned to pay, click on who to pay under "Give/Receive" and the list will be displayed per package.

To view those assigned to pay you, click on view who pays you under "Give/Receive" and then click on show list besides each of the packages and the list will be displayed.

When you receive payment, kindly select payment received from the dropdown option and click on submit to confirm the payer.


You need a Bit Coin account to participate in this platform. You must need to be online to follow up those assigned to provide help to you.

Warning: Please do not APPLY TO PROVIDE HELP when you DON'T HAVE the money or when you are NOT SERIOUS about it. You are not mandated to give as a member but if you chose to, you must follow through till the end. Any failure to pay into the account that will be assigned to you will lead to automatic suspension of your account and forfeiting of all the royalties accrued to you.

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Areas of interest

For one to be nominated, the individual/organization must have contributed in the following areas:

Community Development
  • Charity begins at home.
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Youth/Women Empowerment
  • He who invests in Youth & women invests in both the Present and Future
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Povert Alleviation
  • He who creates a business creates employment and fights poverty
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Peace Building
  • There cannot be development, progress, growth e.t.c. without peace. Peace is the foundation for real development.
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  • He who invest in education invest in the future
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About Generation for Peace Foundation


We create friendly environment for everyone by way of extending hands of felloship to all with our communities. Join Now!

Secured Life

We provide basic amenities to communities and give people without hope a reason to live happily.Join Now!

Peaceful Communities

The best way to create a peaceful environment for all is to eradicate poverty. That is why we have joined the world in this fight. Join RichInDollar Today!

Anambra Hall Of Fame Awards!

Reward for Passion!

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How we think the world should be

You should Be Able To Raise Fund For Your Dream Business.

Without charity and Philanthropy, the rich gets riches and the poor gets poorer. But if we must eradicate poverty, we must give to those we are better than.

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Own Your Dream Car

Owning a car is not greed neither is it for luxury. Everyone should own a decent car for this is necessity.

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Buy Your Dream House

There's nothing as satisfactory as having a roof over your head expecially if you own the house.

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Have Your Dream Relationship

Poverty is the major reason we have crises in the families and society at large. Eradicating poverty we bring healing to many families and the society at large.

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Anambra Hall Of Fame Awards 2018 - Reward for Passion